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Red Wine Accessory Kit Electric Wine Opener Cutter Vacuum Stopper Aerator Wine Pourer

Red Wine Accessory Kit Electric Wine Opener Cutter Vacuum Stopper Aerator Wine Pourer

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1. After installing this decanter, you can slowly pour the wine. At the same time, the sedimentation tank has a sedimentation function.
2. The vacuum wine stopper can suck air into the bottle to maintain the vacuum.
3. The corkscrew can easily remove the cork in a few seconds. It is compatible with most size wine bottles.
.4 The bottle opener adopts one-button operation design, which is convenient to operate. Therefore, after using our corkscrew, you will have more time to communicate with friends.
5. The shell of this bottle opener is made of ABS, which is strong and durable. And you can watch the whole process of opening the bottle.

1. Bright colors and stylish appearance, suitable for parties, weddings and family use
2.6-8 seconds aperitif-
3. Compatible with rechargeable batteries and 4 * AA alkaline batteries (not included)-
4. Transparent bottle opener cap, used to view the bottle cap coming out
5. Food grade screws, safe and durable-
6. Easy to use button push and pull cover
7. Aluminum alloy shell and transparent ABS screw cover
8. Less than 75dB low working noise-power

Product information:

Name: Electric bottle opener
Wine accessories kit, electric corkscrew knife, vacuum stopper, aerator, wine pourer
Material: aluminum alloy
Components: Dry battery electric bottle opener, vacuum VS05 plug, WP
Features: The electric corkscrew can open more than 80 bottles of wine continuously.
Size: 28.5*16*7cm

Packing list:
1*Electric corkscrew
1*Aluminum knife
1* wine stopper
1*gift bag

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