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Gift Box Wine Set Decanter

Gift Box Wine Set Decanter

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ARTFUL AERATION: Make aerating your favorite red wines a fun spectacle as this wine glass mixes the science of aeration with art

AERATES AS YOU POUR: As you pour wine into the glass center, it streams from the spout holes and maximizes the wine’s surface contact with the air

ENHANCE FLAVOR: The bubbles produced during aeration decant your wine as it streams down to flood the bowl, elevating the taste, flavor notes, and aroma

ELEGANT CLARITY: The clear glass will accentuate your wine’s deep color while the bold, rounded bowl collects the wine’s natural aroma

EASY TO USE: Use as you would any stemmed red wine glass; pour wine into the glass center and allow the wine to drain into the bowl before drinking

Name: Fountain Wine Glass
Item No.: JJ001/2/3/4
Capacity: 520ml, 620ml
104* 102mm (without feet)
217* 109mm (with feet)
Craft: hand blown
(The above measurement data is manual measurement, there may be an error of 1-3mm)

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