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Automatic Vacuum Electric Wine Stopper

Automatic Vacuum Electric Wine Stopper

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Product information:

Material: aluminum alloy + ABS + food grade silicone
Specification: 4.3 surface (diameter) x8 height (cm)
1. The design is exquisite and beautiful; the pump and stopper are integrated, which conforms to all kinds of conventional wine bottles.
2. It is made of food safety grade materials; scientific, environmentally friendly, safe and assured.
3. The fresh-keeping time reaches more than 7 days, which effectively guarantees that the opened wine will not deteriorate for a long time.
Operation and use:
1. Insert the vacuum bottle stopper into the bottle mouth, the vacuum stopper will automatically work to vacuum, the blue light indicates that it is working, and the indicator light turns green to indicate that the work has been completed, and the bottle is close to vacuum at this time.
2. After the wine is kept fresh (drink again another day), rotate (or swing from side to side) to pull out the wine stopper.

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Wine stopper x1

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