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Household Decorative Wine Barrels Beer Barrels

Household Decorative Wine Barrels Beer Barrels

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Purpose: beer barrel
Capacity: 1.5L
Color: natural color, chocolate color, chocolate color
Style: A: white 1.5 liters of natural color, B: chocolate 1.5 liters of chocolate color, C: yellow 1.5 liters beige, D: orange 1.5 liters of middle yellow, E: wine red 1.5 liters of wine red, F: dark gray 1.5 liters of retro ,G: 3 liters of natural color, H:: 3 liters of vintage, I: 3 liters of beige, J: 3 liters of chocolate, K: 3 liters of wine red, L: 3 liters of middle yellow, M: 5 liters of wine red, N: 5 liters Beige, O: 5 liters of chocolate, P: 5 liters of retro

Packing list:

Wine barrel*1

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